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Dongguan Yingxin Electromechanical Equipment CO,.Ltd.
Telephone: 0769-81389085/81361158
Fax: 0769-81361185
Address: guangdong province shilong town, dongguan city districts
YongHua new Village 24.
Zip code: 523327


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Product Name:Sogotec(routing machine) knife block/PCB accessories/routing machine accessories
Product Series:Drilling and milling machine tool apron
Market Price:Negotiable    
Updated:2024-5-18 9:9:52

Yingxin(Dongguan) electrical and mechanical equipment co., LTD., We use the advanced equipment at home and abroad.Specializing in the production of suitable for the required chuck in circuit board (PCB) drilling and milling machine industry ,pressure foot brush, tube brush (cleaners) drilling machine accessories (knife block knife disc/pressure mat film), machine parts, plate tank cleaning supplies, etc. Schmoll/Dongtai/Takisawa/AEMG/jager each brand of drill accessories, such as schmoll catch the knife. Hitachi drill: knife block, the knife plate, colloidal particles, QIC pressure mat film, 1391 cylinder, 1195 cylinder, QIC pressure mat film, vacuuming bend pipe etc. The advanced equipment and practical experience can ensure that our products meet the quality requirements of various types of printed circuit board manufacturers.We would like to  provide you with timely&thoughtful&sincere service.Let’s work together  to develop PCB business.Price concessions, welcome general merchants to come to discuss, to order!


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Contact phone: 0769-81389085 fax number: 0769-81361185 company address: shilong town, dongguan city, guangdong province,Yonghua new town number24
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